Office Organizing Tips

Home office organizing  




Start with large items and work down to small projects like paperwork and photos.  

1. Identify unused furniture, art, accessories & schedule a donation pick up!

Salvation Army 1-800-728-7825. 

2. Gather all loose photos and sentimental papers from around the office. Purchase stackable bins to organize. Label clearly.


3. Time for paperwork. Gather all the paperwork. Start by separating into year. From there create stacks in each year for auto, finance, health, home, insurance, school, tax. Shred any unnecessary receipts and insurance policies. Purchase hanging folders and label clearly. 





Custom Closets Design Tips

When designing a custom closet here a a few common organizing mistake to avoid? 

1. Shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you own?  

If one pair takes up about 5-6” of width on a shelf how many inches of shelf width (space) will you need to accommodate all your shoes?  



2. Mid hang 

Women, how many dresses do we own that we need mid hang not long hang ? 

My recommendation is to do shelves above or shoes shelves below this midhang section to maximize your space. 


Pantry Organizing Tricks

Is your pantry over crowded? Can you find what you need when you need it? 

You’d be shocked to know that 20% of what is in your pantry is most likely expired. We see it all the time.  

This statistic and reality makes organizing the pantry the easiest project in your home. The discarding decisions are made for you. Throw out what is expired. You may feel guilty, that’s normal. Don’t be down on yourself though, you are purposefully making a life chance that will avoid this result in the future. 


An organized pantry will increase your efficiency when cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning. You will save money in the long run, because you will have less waste. I promise. 

These chalk labels above are a few examples of how Simplicity likes to get started in a space. 

Here are the products you will need to get started. 

Medium baskets for each food category with a label. This will make the sorting so easy. It’s like a matching game. Look for expiration dates after each category is separated :)  


medium baskets 

chalk labels


If you have any questions along the way post them on the Simplicity facebook page,


Happy Organizing! 

Jewelry Organization


Statement necklaces are hard to keep organized laying down in a drawer. Storing them on an IKEA rod organizer with hooks is a great solution.

Often these rods are used for storing pots and pans on wall space in a kitchen. The opportunities to use these rods and hooks are endless.


Another good way to use them is in a playroom to hold little baskets of colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc. 




Similar product to purchase:


Try using rods in your home and office and let Simplicity know what you think! Post pictures of your project on our Facebook page.


Happy Organizing!  




Master Closet First Organizing Project


The Master Closet is an easy space to start. Don't pull everything out in your closet at one time, Start with white tops. Any top that's white, I want you to pull it out of the closet and lay it on your bed in three different categories: white casual t-shirts, white nice tops and white winter tops. You're going to go through these shirts and find ones with holes or stains, too small, too big or yellowed then discard. Bag up the items you don’t need, put them in your car and take the old clothes to the local charity.

Doesn't that feel so much better? Your closet is a little lighter already. Great job on your first project. Once you feel comfortable going through your white shirts, you're going to go through the rainbow; red tops, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gold/silver and black. Build your confidence with tops, little chunks at a time. Do small projects at a time until you feel confident with more at once. Feeling overwhelmed is no fun, so take it slow and steady!


Junk Drawers

Junk Drawers. . . We all have them! 

Here are some easy tips for organizing your drawer in 5 mins. 

1. Purchase drawer organizers from the dollar store .


2. Find a clear working space.

3. Dump the drawer out.

4. Separate contents out into categories in the dollar store organizers.      

ex: paperwork, change, writing utensils, cutting tools, adhesives, felt, home improvement, tools, etc. 

5. Play Tetris . . Arrange the organizers in the drawer any way you wish! 

Great job; go tackle another junk drawer :)

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Declutter & Donate on ABC

What a joy it was to be on the Morning Blend with Natalie & Carley discussing two of my favorite things; Decluttering & Donating. 



We all hold on to things for different reasons. Whatever the reason, items can clutter our space and mind, causing anxiety and stress. At Simplicity our goal is to help our busy clients identify what items they need, discard the rest & implement organizing solutions that work for their lifestyle. 

Discarding can be a scary task, but it brings about great freedom. 

You may hold on to items because you know how much money you spent  or because you feel guilty. . maybe it was a gift. 

Money and guilt should not be a good enough reason to keep items around that serve you no purpose & create stress in your space. 

Giving back is more fun when it is personal. Many charities in Tampa Bay have specific needs which means you can rest knowing your belongings will live another life and bless someone else in need!

Charities Simplicity loves!!!

1. Vintage Thrift Store

Proceeds benefit the Ybor Dream Center, an after school enrichment program with an emphasis on leadership and integrity. 

What items? All household items (furniture, clothing, toys, yard equipment and so much more) They will pick up big items from your home! 

Contact 813-265-4151 

2. Dress for Success




Assisted over 20,000 women dress professionally for interviews to further their careers. They also  support women through career development. 

What items? Women's business attire

Drop Off Locations:

3. Urban E


Need a place to recycle unused electronics? This is the perfect place. 

Contact: 813-501-9346

4. Humane Society of Tampa Bay







Who doesn't love animals? Your worn-out linens, towels and pillows make a great bed for the puppies and kittens at the Humane Society. 

Wish List:

Drop off location: 3607 N. Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33607


Travel Organizing Tips for Men

It’s time to focus on the men. Let’s talk about your suit jacket and dress shirt. 

What is the best way to pack a suit in a carry on? 

1. Suit Jacket 


Step 1 & 2: Hold the jacket up by the shoulders looking at the back.

Step 3 & 4: Tuck the Left shoulder inside out. Take the Right shoulder and insert into the Left. (Still look at the back of the jacket.)

Step 5 & 6: Get the lapels to overlap (Right side of the jacket should be tucked inside the left.) 

Step 7 & 8: Fold once horizontally & pack on the top of your carry on (last item in).


2. Dress Shirt

Step 1: Lay shirt face down on a flat surface. 

Step 2: Fold the right sleeve 2/3 of the way over on the left sleeve. 

Step 3: Fold right sleeve at the shoulder, lining the edge of the arm up with edge of the body of shirt.

Step 4 & 5: Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the left sleeve.

Step 6: Take bottom of the shirt and fold horizontally up to the collar.

Step 7: Flip shirt over so you can see the collar. Button the top button.

Lastly pack a steamer for those last minute touch ups! 



I hope you found these tips helpful! Next week, learn where to pack your socks, tie and belt.

Mail Organizing Tips

We still get a lot of snail mail. This mail requires attention. Here are three ways to simplify your mail organizing process. 

1. Go paperless with companies that give you an option. Ex: bank statements, credit card statements, investment statements.  

*** If you do this make sure to once a year download and save to your computer the year end statements for your record.  



2. Recycle 90%

90% of the snail mail we receive is junk. Practice immediately sorting through the mail when you pick it up from the mail box. This will save you a lot of clutter down the road. Keep only what you need and recycle the rest.  Ex: coupon books, magazines, advertisements 



3. Pay Bills, Reconcile then Shred 

Pay your bills right away, wait for the transaction to show up on your credit card statement then shred the invoice.  If you need the invoice for a tax write-off scan the invoice and save to a desktop folder labeled 2018 Deductions. 


I hope your found these simple mail organizing tips helpful. Next week will be about organizing your computer desktop! 


Master Closet Organizing Tips and Tricks

 Jewelry organization    It is helpful to see your costume jewelry. Hanging it on the wall will increase how much you use the jewelry you own. 

Jewelry organization  

It is helpful to see your costume jewelry. Hanging it on the wall will increase how much you use the jewelry you own. 

 Step stool    It’s hard to reach the top shelf. Help yourself out by purchasing a step stool. 

Step stool  

It’s hard to reach the top shelf. Help yourself out by purchasing a step stool. 

 Shoes  Need extra shoe storage ladies? Try hanging a towel rod six inches from the ceiling and hook heels over that you don't use often. Men, try installing floating shelves. 


Need extra shoe storage ladies? Try hanging a towel rod six inches from the ceiling and hook heels over that you don't use often. Men, try installing floating shelves. 

 Hooks everywhere    I love wall hooks and door hooks. It is great for holding purses, towels, bathrobes and workoutclothes you want to air dry. 

Hooks everywhere  

I love wall hooks and door hooks. It is great for holding purses, towels, bathrobes and workoutclothes you want to air dry. 

 Baskets   Use plastic or wicker, whichever you prefer to store winter, beach, alternate sizes and keepsake items. 


Use plastic or wicker, whichever you prefer to store winter, beach, alternate sizes and keepsake items. 

 Sterilite medium and deep baskets work well in every space.

Sterilite medium and deep baskets work well in every space.

Best Organizing Hacks for Any Space

1. Over buying

Number one mistake people make when organizing themselves is purchasing storage first. 

I understand the Container Store is beautiful and potentially inspiring, but hold off. 


When you organize you free up space because you identify what you can live without. 

Also how do you know what to buy if you don’t know what you need to provide a home for? 


2. Organizing in the proper order.  

Sort - Group or categorize items so you can see how much you have of each item. It will make the discarding decisions easier.  

Discard - Do you need it? Is it useful? Does it bring you joy? If no, let it go! There are wonderful charities listed on the home page. 

Organize with system - now you count how many bins you need and what size based on what you’re keeping and where. 


This client organized their pantry all by themselves and waited to buy the real bins until the end! Great job, very beautiful.  


Traveling Hacks: Outfits

Ever dread packing for a trip?

Are you a netorious over packer? 

Do you forget things? 

Here are some simple tips. 

1. Grab a sheet of paper and write down

day 1

day 2

day 3 . . .etc

2. Next to each day think about the activities you have planned, jot down what kind of outfit you need for those activities.

Day 1: travel outfit, formal dinner outfit

Day 2: workout outfit, going to the movies outfit 

This may seem silly but it will ensure you need exactly what you need. 

3. Pack by outfit

ex: travel outfit includes; shoes, leggings, top, undergarments, accessories. 


Garage Organizing Hacks

You don’t have to have custom cabinetry to get organized. 

1. Identify the items you can live without and schedule a donation pick up.

Contact Kimberly, a social worker in who gives back to the inner city of Tampa. ‭(813) 727-0264‬

2. Purchase uniform clear or white 18 gallon totes.


3. Label each bin specifically. Use chalk labels and chalk pen or just use a sharpie and tape.


Clean Home, Clear Heart, Clear Mind

My goal in this talk was to empower you with organizing tips backed by biblical truth to clean out your home, which will result in a clear heart and mind. If we can switch our perspective on belongings and what we need, our lives will be free of clutter.  


Does anyone feel overwhelmed by what they see when they walk in their home?

Do you wish you had more time in a day? 

Do you go to bed regularly thinking and hoping tomorrow will be a better day?


1. God is the ultimate organizer

Genesis 1:3-5

ex: story of creation

Go make the most challenging task of creating the world, ORDERLY. In this story God exemplifies two key organizing principles; categorization (grouping) and specific labeling (naming). 



2.  God’s view vs. the world’s view of our possessions

World’s View = Stuff brings Happiness

Driving force is Consumerism

-encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts & has created a culture of luxury, consumption & completion 

- this creates greed, which turns into too much in our home, which brings a lack of order, which breads chaos  

Gods View = Happiness & Value comes from Him

Matthew 6:25-31 

If you decide you are living a life for God, if follows that you do not fuss about what’s on the table at mealtime or whether the clothes in you closet are in fashion. There is far more to your life than the food you put your stomach, more to your outer appearance than clothes you hang on your body.

- If we focus on him and trust him to provide, anything outside our immediate needs are an added bonus and reward. 2 Chronicles 1:12

- changing our view of possessions as a bonus takes away feelings of entitlement which allows us to live peacefully and satisfied with less. 

3. How to declutter your space and mind

So much organizing literature tells us to do this and do that and you will find order. Accomplishing a purging to do list is helpful for a season, but does not bring long term change. If we change our perspective of what we need and focus that God will provide we will build a healthy relationship with stuff. 

Remember . .

 Focus on living with only what you need.

If you feel inspired to give to those in need, here are charities that will come to you to pick up donations! Thank you so much for blessing others. 

Salvation Army  - provides services for substance abuse treatment 


Vintage Thrift Store - benefits ybor dream center 


Urban E - recycles your electronics 



If you want the speaking notes or other resources  please email, 


Go live Simply and in peace!  

Holiday Organizing Hacks Continued

When taking ornaments off the tree group them. This will make decorating your tree evenly much easier next year. 


Fake Christmas trees grow, they’re always bigger when you put them away. A wratchet strap is a great way to shrink them back to their original size and get them back in the box.


Save the original boxes to fragile ornaments, then place them in an 18 gallon tote with hard sides and label specifically.