Smartphone App Organization

Last week I discussed photo organizing on the smart phone, today we will discuss App organizing.

How many of us have too many photos, unused apps, old notes or random contacts on our phone? Ever go to find a photo for a friend and find yourself scrolling and scrolling? You may find this article helpful to declutter your smart phone, which will allow you optimize your smart phone.

1. *Check out last weeks post.

2. Apps – Delete the ones you do not find useful. Even if you delete one you later want, you can download again.

2A.  File folders on the iPhone for Apps – Create files/groups of apps on your home screen to make finding apps more efficient. Do this by holding down an app, once it starts to shake drag it over the other app of a like “group”, you will then be able to name this file/group. Keep doing this until all the apps have a home. Ex: my phone has the following files/groups; social, business, personal, extras (I put all the apps I don’t use in this file/group). I leave camera, photos, calendar, contact independent (not in a file/group) because I use them most often.

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