Smartphone Photo Organization

How many of us have too many photos, unused apps, old notes or random contacts on our phone? Ever go to find a photo for a friend and find yourself scrolling and scrolling? You may find this article helpful to declutter your smart phone, which will allow you optimize your smart phone.

1. Photos – Today we take multiple photos of the same event, but rarely go back and pick our favorite. Smart phone users should be decluttering their photo library monthly by deleting the duplicates. This will make finding the photos you love easier and save storage on the device.

1A. Another way to make finding photos more efficient: go into Photos, at the bottom click Albums, in the left corner tap the plus sign (+), name album, go back into all photos, select the ones of a similar category, click Add To, select Album. This will really help you when you want to share family photos with friends or your most recent work projects with co workers.

Stay tuned for more simple, smart phone organizing tips!