Establishing Your Landing Zone

Do you have a landing zone?  

Not for your helicopter . . . for your keys, purse, briefcase, shoes, kid’s school bags, mail and school papers.

Your landing zone is adesignated space in the home off the main entrance (front door or garage door)  to drop all your items you come in and out of the home with everyday. 


If you feel stressed rushing out the door in the morning, establishing this zone will give you peace of mind!


What you need:

1. Purchase wall hooks of your keys, purse and kid’s backpacks & lunch boxes. 

Wall hooks (large)


2. Wall hanging files for the mail and school papers. (label each file)

Hanging wall files (IKEA)


3. And shoes bench or shelves for shoes used daily. 

Shoes cubbies bench


Setting up your Landing Zone will increase efficiency in the home and decrease stress while getting out the door!