Organized Ways to Put Away Holiday Decorations

Putting up  the holiday decor is fun! We look forward to it all year. Taking it down is not as fun, but when done correctly will save you so much time next year. 

1. Donate decorations you did not put up this year.

2. You don’t need anything fancy to be organized.

Use totes with hard sides and top.


3. Reuse tissue paper from holiday gifts to wrap up the ornaments. If you run out use paper towel. If an ornament is extremely fragile keeps its original box to store it in, then place in the tote with other orgaments. 

4. Label everything by room 


ex: family room tree, family room decor, kitchen decor, master bedroom decor, etc.  

5. Lights- wrap them around your fore arm like you would an extension cord and zip tie at the top. 


I hope you find these tips helpful!