• Sorting -  Each space we are organizing will be categorize. This will give you a visual of how many items you possess in each category, which will create order and clarity when moving to the discard step. 


  • Discarding - This is the most import and difficult part of the process. It requires client involvement (expect 1 hours of involvement for a 4 hour project). Discarding does not mean throwing away. Simplicity takes great pride in properly repurposing your belongings through charitable organizations in the community.  It is up to you to make the final discarding decisions. 


  • Organizing - The fun part! Once unused items are discarded, useful belongings that bring you joy are strategically organized into custom or semi-custom systems to meet your needs. This is accomplished by re-purposing storage you have, acquiring storage you need or considering a custom solution like a custom closets or garage cabinetry.